FD Gazelle Award 2019, 2018, 2012, 2011 en 2010, Awarded Jadish N. Sheth Award for Best Article in 2002 and 2013, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Awarded the AMA Sales SIG “Excellence in Research Award for 2012”, Awarded Visibility Award ESE 2013, Awarded the Erasmus University Recognition for 25 Years of Loyal Service, Awarded Erasmus Trustfonds Grant to Undertake the Rotterdam leadership study (2015), Awarded the top-10 research award from the Faculty of Economics, 2001-up to 2008, Awarded Star Member of ERIM from 2001-present, Nominated Best Management Book of the Year, 2003 at PIMS, Nominated teacher of the year 1999/2000 at the School of Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Nominated Best Speaker of the Year, 1990 at the Euroform, The Netherlands, MSI, 1996 (Marketing Science Institute, Boston, USA) sponsored Project about Role Stress and Organizational Culture (with Jagdip Singh and Gary Rhoads), Price Winner: Manager of the Most Profitable Business Unit at the Erasmus Entrepreneurial Center (1996).