Prof. Willem Verbeke

Willem Verbeke is professor in sales and account management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and co-owner of the leading sales and account management institute Professional Capital. The European top training and advice agency that provides professionals with solutions for commercial challenges and the right tools to achieve significantly higher sales for successful companies like Royal Haskoning DHV, Johnson & Johnson Medical and Schneider Electric.  

Verbeke is also founder of the Institute for Sales and Accountmanagement (ISAM) and trained more than 3000 Sales Professionals. Verbeke is co-founder of InsightYou (2012). An innovative cooperation between the top of international companies and sciencific research partners where sales DNA is explored by means of collecting human saliva. Finally, Verbeke teaches Strategic Account Management at the European Centre for Executive Development (CEDEP) in Fontainebleau. 

Verbeke is leading in neuro-economics and links psychology with economics into new sales and account management techniques. Research of the human brain is important for Verbeke in order to be leading in sales and account management. Verbeke is the author of leading literature in sales and accountmanagement. Verbekes papers are rewarded with international awards (visit: media).  

Nationally and internationally, Verbeke is a highly respected speaker and trainer, because of his clarifying and innovative look in the field of sales en key account management within professional organisations and knowledge-intensive companies.

To book prof. Willem Verbeke for a speech or lecture or to talk about the latest insights in sales, accountmanagement en neuro-economics, please contact:

- Larissa Zielstra via +31 (0) 10 205 38 40 

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